Kahnawake Sports & Recreation Unit
Box 720 Kahnawake Mohawk Territory J0L 1B0


Sénha Ioiánere Nó:nen Skátne is the theme of the multi-year project, it means we are much better when together. It h as taken three years to revitalize Sesame Park. This sensory park, ping pong court and accessible mini golf is the first recreational space planned for interaction among community members of all ages and abilities. Nia:wen to all who helped support this project and build this facility.
Mini Putt Paintings Created by Owisokon Lahache Of Turtle Bay Art Studio.

Kanienkeha Signs

Sign 1 – Sén:ha tewa’sáts:te tóka’ tentewaié:na.

Sign 2 – Sherihwakwén:niest, kanikonhrí:io satshennonní:hak tsi ohnahó:ton sá:ien.

Sign 3 – Satonhnhá:ren tá:non satshennón:ní nén:nen íh:se tsi sathahón:ní.

Sign 4 – Khwatokén:en sewatahonhsí:iost nén:nen Ohén:ton Karihwatehkwen enkawennenhéts:ton.

Sign 5 – Nén:nen enhsetshén:ri ohnahó:ten senwés:kwani aiesaió:ton tá:non skén:nen tsi sanontón:nion, tióht:kon tsi ensatshennonnihá:tie.

Sign 6 – Toka í:hsehre skén:nen tsi tahsatawén:rie ontá:on tsi enhsakwí:hson tsi ensaió:ten.

Sign 7 – Skén:nen tsi ní:ioht tsi tewanonhton:nion nén:nen kanikonhrí:io tewáts:ta.

Sign 8 – Kanikonhrí:io tsi tetsató:reht ne ohnaiá:wen skén:nen tsi tahsatawén:rie.

Sign 9 – Sén:ha watié:sen tá:non ion’wé:sen aietewatshén:ri ne tionkwetaié:ri onkweta’shón:a.

Sign 10 – Nén:nen wenhniserí:io tentewatenonhwerá:ton.

Sign 11 – Ionkhihsothokón:a eso tsi ahontshennón:ni towa’ ahotitó:kenhse tsi niió:re í:tewe, niawenhkó:wa tsi takerihonnién:ni, takerihwakwenníen:stha, teskwetáh:kwen, enhsekhretiá:ron, ensehkhá:hon tá:non takshné:non.

Sign 12 – Iahthá:ten iahthaskwén:ni ahsón:ní tóka’ enhsakwís:ron.

Sign 13 – Sanikonhratshá:nik skén:nen tanon kanonronhkwá:tshera shá:wik tsiníioht tsi tesatawén:rie.

Sign 14 – Teionkhihswathé:ton ne ionkhihsothokón:a tsi ní:ioht tsi ionkwatetshenhá:ton.

Sign 15 – Tewén:he ne tsá:ta nikahwatsiratá:tie tahón:ne

Sign 16 – Né:e í:tshere ohahó:ten saté:tshens.

Sign 17 – Sonkwe’tí:io tsi ní:ioht tsi Shonkwaia’:tison tsi tehiaká:nere sherihwakweniénstak ne onkweta’shón:a.

Sign 18 – Kanikonhrí:io tsi tetsató:reht ne ohnaiá:wen skén:nen tsi tahsatawén:rie.

Sign 19 – Satonhnhá:ren nén:nen sata’karí:te  tá:non satshennón:ní.

Sign 20 – Entewaweientéhta’:ne ohnahó:ton teionkwatohéts:ton tsi niióhseres teiokwatawén:re ohontsà:ke.

English Translation

Sign 1 – We are stronger together.

Sign 2 – Always respect with a good mind, be thankful for what you have.

Sign 3 – Let your Spirit sing and enjoy new opportunities on your Earth walk

Sign 4 – Listen for what’s behind the words. Listen for understanding in the Ohén:ton Karihwatehkwa.

Sign 5 – When you have found your fire, develop the talents you have been gifted, this makes your Spirit sing.

Sign 6 – Keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

Sign 7 – We can control the winds of change. When we do the right thing, we feel peace and serenity.

Sign 8 – Use a good mind and good judgement to live a peaceful life.

Sign 9 – Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we look for the good in other people.

Sign 10 – Be thankful for days like this

Sign 11 – Our Ancestors would weep tears of joy to see how far we have come. Thank you for teaching, guiding, supporting, respecting and believing in me.

Sign 12 – There are no limit to what you can create with hard work, perseverance and self-belief.

Sign 13 – Have courage, put truth, peace, and love first so we can change our future.

Sign 14 – Our Ancestors are the stars that brighten our dreams

Sign 15 – We live for the future seven generations

Sign 16 – Choose the life of your dreams.

Sign 17 – You are perfect in the Creators eyes , be brave and respect everyone

Sign 18 – We deserve a bright future. We believe very strongly in something, we stand up for it

Sign 19 – Explore what makes you feel alive and happy, what makes your Spirit sing

Sign 20 – We will learn from the past as we go through life on Earth.